Weight Training Exercise for Seniors

Much scientific information favors walking as the perfect exercise for seniors. Seniors should walk as long as they can do so without pain.

However, seniors can add other, speedy and low-impact exercises to their health and fitness routines. Again, the key is to avoid pain.

This means that stretches and weights should be kept moderate and low-impact. And intensity levels need to stop well below exhaustion levels.

This is not weight lifting to see who can lift the heaviest weights, or who can do the most sets of an exercise.

And, be sure to get a checkup from a Physician Assistant or other licensed and certifies health care provider before starting.

And schedule frequent checkups, as determined by your Physician Assistant or health care expert because medication changes may be needed to adjust for changes in increased metabolism, improved circulation and the enhanced ability of your body to make use of vitamins and minerals from your food.

Follow your Physician Assistant’s advice, and make a gradual change to better health by gradual increases to your seniors’ exercise and fitness routines.

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