The Dirt on Diet

Diets can be destructive, polarizing and draining.

Changing what you eat can leave you hungry, feeling deprived and frustrated.

And diets can lead to binge eating, craving more food…and eating more than you would if not on a diet.

If you need to loose weight to salvage your health, now is the time to overcome your reluctance and revulsion towards dieting.

Maybe call your diet something that is positive to you.

But do whatever you do to improve your eating habits in a gradual and controlled way.

Don’t go on an anti-Carb Diet, and stop eating bread, pasta and sweets forever. Such a strategy leads to sure failure.

And, don’t let all the diet claims confuse you.

Relevant dietary information is available.

But listen to your Physician Assistant and exercise while controlling calorie intake. Let your body tell you how to remain healthy.

Your welfare and health depend on you bringing your eating habits in line with what your body needs to thrive.

However there are benefits to reducing the number of carbohydrates in your diet. Restricting breads, pasta and sweets stops your body from generating so much fat…and keeps your body’s insulin levels even.

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