The Best Exercise for Heart Disease

Ever considered “Lowering Weights” for exercise?

When you lift weights, you place a greater strain on your heart than you do when lowering the same weight. Your heart needs less oxygen.

Think about the difference in walking “Up the Hill” vs. walking “Down the Hill.”

So to build strength without increasing strain on the heart…maybe because of a medical issues that has been diagnosed by your Physician Assistant or other medical health care specialist…find exercises that easier on the heart and lessens the need for oxygen to your muscles.

You can manage exercise with your lImited oxygen capacities by using “Eccentric Exercises.”

Of course, always maintain proper medical supervision in any exercise program. Your Physician Assistant will listen to your needs and lifestyle issues, analyze your medical and health care tests and prescribe a safe and effective exercise program for you.

Exercise is important to maintain your health and quality of life. Get with a safe exercise routine today.

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