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Maintain a Positive Attitude about your Weight

Other people criticize you. Maybe insult you.

Other people talk about your weight behind your back.

But, you can maintain a positive attitude while you work with your Physician Assistant or health care professional to loose weight and maintain better health.

Your need to loose weight is about your health, but your mental attitude and support from others is important to keep you motivated.

Loosing weight required works and commitment. But you can do it.

Listen to your Physician Assistant. Your Physician Assistant will take the time to listen to you.

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Bad Breakfast Food Habits and Healthy Choices

These are the top, worst breakfast food choices. You need to learn to select healthy alternatives. The right breakfast choices fuel your body with top nutrition for weight loss and an energetic lifestyle.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day…for weight loss and for vibrant energy and health.

But, the modern American breakfast contains the worst combinations of foods…leaving folks with sticky, fiber less meals, incomplete nutrition, sugar highs and loss of energy crashes after a half hour to an hour later.

The items to avoid include…

  • Pastry
  • Cereal and Skim Milk
  • Margarine and Artificial Spreads
  • Soy Smoothies
  • Fake Eggs and Egg Whites
  • Coffee

Eat instead…

  • Whole Eggs
  • Whole Milk
  • Whole Grains
  • Protein

Selecting nutritious foods for breakfast makes sense, and adds strength and energy to your day.

Don’t short change yourself by eating empty calories that turn directly into fat…or refined sugar that turns into a “Sugar Crash.”

Consult your Physician Assistant for other eating tips that match your medical test results and body needs.

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Real Math of Weight Loss through Exercise

Your Physician Assistant advises you to “Loose Weight” to promote better health.

But this advice proves difficult to accomplish.

The reason: The more weight you loose, the less weight you have to move. So, moving less weight takes less effort.

Watch these videos to see how the math affects your Physician Assistant weight loss recommendation.

But, don’t despair. Norton Shectman PA-C, takes time to discuss your weight loss options with you.

You can loose weight and improve your health.

How does Exercise Impact Weight Loss