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Ten Ways to Lose Weight and get Healthy

Here are ten ways to Lose Weight and improve your health.

Study and apply these Weight Loss Tips for a healthy lifestyle.

Learn strategies that really work for ways to improve your diet and choose the right foods from a Health Coach

Here are the Weight Loss Secrets

• Control your hunger
• Replace Soft Drinks and Fruit Juices. Drink water, tea and flavored water
• Eliminate toxic sludge by avoiding products with “Diet or Lite” on the label
• Avoid sugar substitutes. Artificial “Sugars” are toxic to your body
• Eat fats. Fats make us “Feel satisfied.” Use Olive Oil, Avocados and other healthy fats
• Stop Starving Yourself – Don’t limit calories because this increases stress on your body. Instead, eat the right calories…found in whole, natural foods
• Avoid “Quick Fix” Strategies (Such as Diets, Pills and Gadgets). Read the disclaimers found on these products…”Results not typical, Diet and exercise needed.” Save your money to buy healthy food
• Avoid stressing over your need to lose weight. Make time (take time) for relaxation and stress relief. Eat slowly. Exercise to eliminate stress and make your daily activities more active
• Eat Snacks. Avoid becoming “Over-Hungry” and gobbling food when you get to eat. Avoid hunger pangs by eating snacks that you carry with you
• Stop Rewarding Yourself with Junk Foods. Recondition the reward pathways in your brain. Reward yourself with healthy food. Replace the unhealthy foods you eat with healthy foods
• Create Positive, Healthy Habits…Develop Beneficial New Habits.

Weight Loss Tips

Look at the back of the label for the list of ingredients. If the list includes the names of chemicals that you cannot pronounce, “Do not buy or eat the stuff!”

Build on small changes in weight to move yourself forward toward your goal of reaching a healthy weight.

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