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Smoking is Deadly: Will Pranks get Smokers to Stop?

Smoking is Deadly, but will Pranks get Smokers to Stop when medical advice proves ineffective?

These pranks are fun, but smoking is no laughing matter.

In one Prank, smokers want to protect a nine-year old that asks them for a cigarette, but are smoking themselves…and don’t want to stop.

Funny, but smoking is “NO JOKE!

Coughing up Blood Prank: Will this convince folks to stop?

Stop Smoking now, before the oxygen and coughing up blood happen to you.

Listen to your Physician Assistant’s advice and heed good health care advice. Stop now! Imagine the pain of your loved ones crying at your early funeral.

Quit Smoking: Cease Now!

As more locations prohibit smoking, and as more people don’t smoke inside their homes or cars…the challenge of “Lighting Up” increases the irritation of needing to go outside to smoke.

But do your neighbors’ dogs deserve to smell your cigarettes?

On the Positive Side, think of motivations for not lighting up.

Here are two ways to think about improving your health by “Stop Smoking.”

Quit Smoking Timeline

Learn that your body is resilient…and stopping now…making your last cigarette your “Last”…delivers lasting health benefits.

A Pack a Day or a Ferrari?

And think of what you can do with the money that you save when you “Quit!”

All that “Up in Smoke” money adds up to a lifetime of savings…a lifetime that is longer and more pleasant than the dark-lungs, nasty smelling, creepy cough existence of smoking.

Your partner in Personal Health Care, Norton Shectman PA-C, advises you to find any practical way to stop Smoking and improve your health.

Stop smoking now, and increase the quality and length of your life.