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Modern Drug Shortages

With all the money medications cost, who would predict that the United States would experience a medication shortage issue?

And, aren’t we paying huge amounts for our prescription medications, while at the same time subsidizing medications for Third World countries?

The sad and scary fact is that the US has been experiencing medication shortages for years, and the shortages increase in scope and threat to life.

The medication shortage shows all the “Finger Pointing” of “They are the problem, not me” with blame enough to go around.

The truth: This is a complicated problem that cannot be fixed without major changes in drug manufacturing, distribution, oversight and government intervention.

Big pharmaceutical companies pay more for lobbyists than for taxes or research…so don’t expect government to step in and help you get the medication that you need to save your life.

Your best strategy: Stay healthy. Eat right, lose weight, exercise daily, avoid smoking…build your immune system.

Use psychological means to decrease stress, avoid drinking alcohol. Stay away from illegal drugs.

Seek lifestyle improvements and follow the advice of your Physician Assistant or other health care provider.

Do what you can to decrease your need for stronger, newer medications by healthy living.

Your Physician Assistant wants to decrease your dependence on medication, as much as you want to keep the money in your pocket instead of paying exorbitant amounts for breakthrough, new medications.

What’s behind the nation’s prescription drug shortage?

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Maintain a Positive Attitude about your Weight

Other people criticize you. Maybe insult you.

Other people talk about your weight behind your back.

But, you can maintain a positive attitude while you work with your Physician Assistant or health care professional to loose weight and maintain better health.

Your need to loose weight is about your health, but your mental attitude and support from others is important to keep you motivated.

Loosing weight required works and commitment. But you can do it.

Listen to your Physician Assistant. Your Physician Assistant will take the time to listen to you.

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Weight Loss Surgery Requires Health Care Monitoring

Sometimes impatient folks go for “Shortcuts” in health care.

Your Physician Assistant advises against anything that represents a danger to your health.

For example, some people elect weight loss surgery.

But, could you achieve better results with exercise and healthy eating?

And any time you manipulate your body, side effects can result.

For example, weight loss surgery may leave excess skin dangling on your body.

And, besides the cost of the weight loss surgery, you could face the cost of skin removal surgery two years later.

Each of these surgeries could cost as much as a small car. And, insurance does not cover the cost of most skin reduction surgeries.

But, whatever you do, use the kind of follow-up health testing and health management that your Physician Assistant advises.

You owe yourself the monitoring that keeps you recovering.

Lifestyle Changes Lower Diabetes Risk

Follow the recommendations of your Physician Assistant or Health Care provider.

Make lifestyle changes and you can reduce the risk of acquiring Type 2 Diabetes by about 60%.

Change your exercise and eating habits…eat healthy foods…exercise daily.

Learn How! Free

The San Antonio YMCA offers a free program that includes personal support and encouragements.

You participate in a small group to explore healthier eating and more physical activity.

Avoiding diabetes is far less expensive than eating and stagnating into the disease.

Trained Lifestyle Coaches meet you in a classroom over a full year (12 moths). This includes 16 sessions, plus a month of maintenance.

This takes effort and determination…but you are worth it.

Qualifying for the San Antonio YMCA – Diabetes Prevention Program

Qualification for the program includes…

• 18 years or older
• Overweight (Body Mass Index higher than 25)
• High risk for developing diabetes

Classes are available in San Antonio. Call (210) 585-4439! Or visit the San Antonio YMCA Diabetes Prevention Website.

Remember: Prevention is the only real “Cure” for diabetes.

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Super Foods for Diabetics

There are a lot of foods that aggravate diabetes, but the list of beneficial foods is long.

Here is the list of those Super Foods:

Blueberries, cranberries, apples, raspberries, watermelon, honeydew, red grapefruit, tomatoes, asparagus, carrots, broccoli, red onions, spinach, fish, soy, yogurt, flaxseed, nuts, beans, oatmeal, tea

Of course, this means fresh, raw vegetables, raw nuts (without salt and grease) and live cultured yogurt.

Canned vegetables lack the nutrients needed to add vitality to the diet of a person with diabetes.

Listen to your Physician Assistant, and make gradual changes to your diet to improve your health…and long term chances of survival.