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Bad Breakfast Food Habits and Healthy Choices

These are the top, worst breakfast food choices. You need to learn to select healthy alternatives. The right breakfast choices fuel your body with top nutrition for weight loss and an energetic lifestyle.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day…for weight loss and for vibrant energy and health.

But, the modern American breakfast contains the worst combinations of foods…leaving folks with sticky, fiber less meals, incomplete nutrition, sugar highs and loss of energy crashes after a half hour to an hour later.

The items to avoid include…

  • Pastry
  • Cereal and Skim Milk
  • Margarine and Artificial Spreads
  • Soy Smoothies
  • Fake Eggs and Egg Whites
  • Coffee

Eat instead…

  • Whole Eggs
  • Whole Milk
  • Whole Grains
  • Protein

Selecting nutritious foods for breakfast makes sense, and adds strength and energy to your day.

Don’t short change yourself by eating empty calories that turn directly into fat…or refined sugar that turns into a “Sugar Crash.”

Consult your Physician Assistant for other eating tips that match your medical test results and body needs.

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Weight Loss Surgery Requires Health Care Monitoring

Sometimes impatient folks go for “Shortcuts” in health care.

Your Physician Assistant advises against anything that represents a danger to your health.

For example, some people elect weight loss surgery.

But, could you achieve better results with exercise and healthy eating?

And any time you manipulate your body, side effects can result.

For example, weight loss surgery may leave excess skin dangling on your body.

And, besides the cost of the weight loss surgery, you could face the cost of skin removal surgery two years later.

Each of these surgeries could cost as much as a small car. And, insurance does not cover the cost of most skin reduction surgeries.

But, whatever you do, use the kind of follow-up health testing and health management that your Physician Assistant advises.

You owe yourself the monitoring that keeps you recovering.

Coronary Heart Disease: Follow Basic Health Care Instructions

Your Physician Assistant keeps abreast of medical research and promising advances that can increase the quality of your life, and make your life more enjoyable and pain-free.

But, pay attention to the advice that your Physician Assistant gives you.

Also listen to complicated explanations.

You may not understand the terminology, but you can understand the directions that you must follow.

Here are some animations to assist in understanding what might happen in your body if you ignore basic health rules.

Coronary Heart Disease Animation

Coronary Artery Disease Animation

Medical Animation Congestive Heart Failure Animation

Fortunately, promising medical advances continue to extend our lives.

But we must remain in partnership with our Physician Assistant andother health care providers.

Quit Smoking: Cease Now!

As more locations prohibit smoking, and as more people don’t smoke inside their homes or cars…the challenge of “Lighting Up” increases the irritation of needing to go outside to smoke.

But do your neighbors’ dogs deserve to smell your cigarettes?

On the Positive Side, think of motivations for not lighting up.

Here are two ways to think about improving your health by “Stop Smoking.”

Quit Smoking Timeline

Learn that your body is resilient…and stopping now…making your last cigarette your “Last”…delivers lasting health benefits.

A Pack a Day or a Ferrari?

And think of what you can do with the money that you save when you “Quit!”

All that “Up in Smoke” money adds up to a lifetime of savings…a lifetime that is longer and more pleasant than the dark-lungs, nasty smelling, creepy cough existence of smoking.

Your partner in Personal Health Care, Norton Shectman PA-C, advises you to find any practical way to stop Smoking and improve your health.

Stop smoking now, and increase the quality and length of your life.