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Lifestyle Changes Lower Diabetes Risk

Follow the recommendations of your Physician Assistant or Health Care provider.

Make lifestyle changes and you can reduce the risk of acquiring Type 2 Diabetes by about 60%.

Change your exercise and eating habits…eat healthy foods…exercise daily.

Learn How! Free

The San Antonio YMCA offers a free program that includes personal support and encouragements.

You participate in a small group to explore healthier eating and more physical activity.

Avoiding diabetes is far less expensive than eating and stagnating into the disease.

Trained Lifestyle Coaches meet you in a classroom over a full year (12 moths). This includes 16 sessions, plus a month of maintenance.

This takes effort and determination…but you are worth it.

Qualifying for the San Antonio YMCA – Diabetes Prevention Program

Qualification for the program includes…

• 18 years or older
• Overweight (Body Mass Index higher than 25)
• High risk for developing diabetes

Classes are available in San Antonio. Call (210) 585-4439! Or visit the San Antonio YMCA Diabetes Prevention Website.

Remember: Prevention is the only real “Cure” for diabetes.

Other Diabetes Prevention Resources

A Parody Song that Communicates what Living with Diabetes is Like

Let It Go! A Diabetes Parody Song (“I Feel Low“) communicates what it is like to live with controlled Diabetes.

For someone who doesn’t face the challenge of Diabetes, this song parody communicates the frustration and desperation that some folks live with each day.

Even great health care providers and modern technology cannot remove the challenge of living with Diabetes.

But, modern technology and creative solutions mean that you don’t need to restrict your active lifestyle.

Your Physician Assistant will spend time with you, working out the details of your lifestyle needs…while keeping your medical testing up-to-date and focused on your needs.