Sugar Addiction

The Ubiquitous Additive

The bitter truth about our sweet obsession and sugar addition is that the sugar excess of your diet affects your health.

Sugar is the “Essential Additive” to replace fat in industrial food. But, sugar is not an alternative to eliminating fat for your health.

Sugar is everywhere…in food products. Some breakfast cereals are 30% sugar. Some “Low Fat” foods have as much sugar as candy.

And, most forms of processed food have hidden sugar.

Sugar and Visceral Fat

Not all sugar is created equal, but the sugar beast in our diets must be tamed.

For example, fructose (fruit sugar) increases visceral (organ) fat and doesn’t register to our bodies as we have eaten. So, fruit juice does not satisfy our hunger.

Sugar can cause cellular poisoning.

Fiber tames insulin, but fruit juice does not have fiber.

Anything that drives insulin up drives weight gain.

So, fruit juice drive weight up.

Insulin, is the main hormone for storing fat. Visceral fat releases hormones that relate to inflammation.

So, inflammatory disease can increase from excess sugar in our diets.

We used to believe…

“Calories in – Calories out!”

But this is the mistake that got us into this obesity mess.

What we know is that there is a “Thermic Effect” of food. So, not all calories are equal, and sugar calories store fat faster than fat calories.

Addiction to Sugar

Sugar affects the same receptors in the brain as nicotine, alcohol and cocaine. This means that we become addicted to sugar.

Ubiquity, toxicity, abuse from sugar.

Take-Away Health Advice

Take-away: Avoid sugar!

Want to see your health care dollars go “Up in Smoke?” Go against the advice of your Physician Assistant and continue on your sugar-rich, nutrient-poor diet.

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