Stress Relief and Relaxation Music

Does music soothe you, relax you, decrease stress for you?

If so, you are only human.

But, do you know that music can also increase the beneficial effects of the medication that you take?

Ask you Physician Assistant about the benefits of stress release on your body’s circulation, blood pressure and digestion.

Your Physician Assistant has time to listen to your needs and your symptoms…to advise and prescribe your best course of action.

But, do you have time to listen to music?

Not just any kind of music.

Revved-up dancing may provide some cardiac exercise, but avoid smoke-filled clubs to take in that extra oxygen.

Instead, listen to slow, natural sounding music. Some folks call this medication music.

The type doesn’t matter. As long as you slow down and relax.

Here are some examples…of various lengths…since a five minute clip isn’t enough for you to rewind.

Ask your Physician Assistant or other health care provider for more recommendations.

Relaxation Music For Stress Relief And Healing Meditation

3 Hours of Relaxing Piano Music

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