Reversing your Holiday Weight Gain Fate

Holidays sneak up on us, but the weight gain most of us experience during the holidays is even sneakier.

Sure, you gain a few pounds…or more than a few…over the holidays. But we lose them during the cold winter months, and when we exercise again in the Spring.

Close…but not quite!

The net gain after New Year’s Resolutions, Winter shivers to keep warm and Spring exercise…getting ready for Summer Beach season averages 1 1/2 pounds.

One and a half pounds? That’s not much. Nothing to get worried over. Right?


The 1 1/2 pounds over ten years equals 15 pounds of stubborn, hard to get rid of, hard fat. Think the type of fat in that sizzling steak…the kind that doesn’t melt on the grill.

Over 20 years and you have 30 pound of stuck to your organs, girdling your belly, solid fat.

So, what to do?

Stop taking on this ballast around the mid-section.

Be smart. Cut down. Plan ahead and use your head.

Some tips:

  • Avoid alcohol – find festive party substitutes. “Beer Belly” didn’t get the nickname from forming sexy midriff
  • Avoid “Second and Third Helpings” – You are only helping yourself to a shopping trip for new jeans
  • Drink water – Fill up on the only empty calories that increase your health
  • Relax – Stress seeks the comfort of food, even when tight clothes make you feel loathsome and a failure.

Ask your Physician Assistant or other health care professional for a reasonable weight loss target for the holidays. Then, monitor your behavior and reach your weight loss goals.

Eliminating “Holiday Weight Gain” also takes a great weight “Off your shoulders.”

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