Modern Drug Shortages

With all the money medications cost, who would predict that the United States would experience a medication shortage issue?

And, aren’t we paying huge amounts for our prescription medications, while at the same time subsidizing medications for Third World countries?

The sad and scary fact is that the US has been experiencing medication shortages for years, and the shortages increase in scope and threat to life.

The medication shortage shows all the “Finger Pointing” of “They are the problem, not me” with blame enough to go around.

The truth: This is a complicated problem that cannot be fixed without major changes in drug manufacturing, distribution, oversight and government intervention.

Big pharmaceutical companies pay more for lobbyists than for taxes or research…so don’t expect government to step in and help you get the medication that you need to save your life.

Your best strategy: Stay healthy. Eat right, lose weight, exercise daily, avoid smoking…build your immune system.

Use psychological means to decrease stress, avoid drinking alcohol. Stay away from illegal drugs.

Seek lifestyle improvements and follow the advice of your Physician Assistant or other health care provider.

Do what you can to decrease your need for stronger, newer medications by healthy living.

Your Physician Assistant wants to decrease your dependence on medication, as much as you want to keep the money in your pocket instead of paying exorbitant amounts for breakthrough, new medications.

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