Mental Health and a Positive Attitude

The power of choice is something that your Physician Assistant cannot write a prescription for.

This means that there is not a pill for mental health, although there are pills that can moderate your mood and stabilize your brain chemistry.

From being “Dealt a Bad Hand at Birth”…because of a family in poverty, from living in a neighborhood poisoned by industrial contaminants, to falling in with a crowd of smoking, drug-taking criminals or latching on to abusive relationships that demean your every breath of existence…your story is the story of suffering.

Of course, every one and everything conspired to slap you down and keep you pinned with their foot on your throat…or did they?

What if you can see examples of people that lived through the worst experiences you can imagine…and stepped through with strength, resolve, a positive attitude…even with love and self-love.

Your Physician Assistant has the time to listen to you.

But, take time to listen to the positive side of yourself. Listen with caring and understanding.

But listen to yourself with the “Tough Love” that tells the whining, sniffling you to put that behind and go for the best of yourself…your spark of greatness.

Look for examples of people that have overcome obstacles in your daily life, or listen to examples of people that recorded their experiences because they want to help you.

Above all, follow your Physic an Assistant or other health care professional’s advice; but look for your inner strength.

And step into life with confidence and determination.

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