Medication Safety

Prescribed medications are safe, and improve our quality of life.

Tell your Physician Assistant or health care provider about all medication, supplements and over-the-counter substances that you take.

Sometimes, safe supplements and safe over-the-counter react in bad ways…affecting your health. This can be life-threatening…and hospital emergency rooms are expensive.

Avoid being one of the estimated 7,000 deaths per year due to medication errors. Tell your Physician Assistant or health care provider about everything you take.

But, another million people are injured by medication errors each year! And, the death and injury from medication errors cost $3.5 to $5 Billion a year in additional health care costs.

The biggest issues of medication include confusion between generic names and brand names.

Sharing medications also causes medication errors. Never take someone else’s medication.

The medications most abused are laxatives and antacids.

And mixing over-the-counter medications with prescribed medications causes unknown consequences.

Your Physician Assistant knows about medication interactions…but only if you reveal everything.

If you have a hearing impairment, bring a family member to listen and interpret for you.

Also, get rid of medications that are over one year old.

Keep medications in a cool, dry place. The bathroom not the best place to keep medications.

You are wasting your medication money if you don’t take the medication correctly, if you don’t get the prescription filled or if you don’t follow through on taking the medication as prescribed.

Also, check warnings.

For example, some medications react with Grapefruit Juice.

So this, a food ingredient, grapefruit juice, can block medication so that not enough get into your bloodstream, or it can allow too much medication to enter your blood…causing an overdose.

Your Physician Assistant has the time to listen to you, and the time for you to listen, too. Pay attention and prevent medication errors.

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