Lifestyle Changes Lower Diabetes Risk

Follow the recommendations of your Physician Assistant or Health Care provider.

Make lifestyle changes and you can reduce the risk of acquiring Type 2 Diabetes by about 60%.

Change your exercise and eating habits…eat healthy foods…exercise daily.

Learn How! Free

The San Antonio YMCA offers a free program that includes personal support and encouragements.

You participate in a small group to explore healthier eating and more physical activity.

Avoiding diabetes is far less expensive than eating and stagnating into the disease.

Trained Lifestyle Coaches meet you in a classroom over a full year (12 moths). This includes 16 sessions, plus a month of maintenance.

This takes effort and determination…but you are worth it.

Qualifying for the San Antonio YMCA – Diabetes Prevention Program

Qualification for the program includes…

• 18 years or older
• Overweight (Body Mass Index higher than 25)
• High risk for developing diabetes

Classes are available in San Antonio. Call (210) 585-4439! Or visit the San Antonio YMCA Diabetes Prevention Website.

Remember: Prevention is the only real “Cure” for diabetes.

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