How to Remember to Take your Medicine

Your visit to your Physician Assistant or health care provider could mean prescriptions for medication, or the recommendation that you take “Over the Counter” medications.

Unless you follow this advice, and report improvements to your Physician Assistant, your health care dollars are wasted. Why visit a health care provider and ignore recommendations?

However, with busy lives, stress and distractions; we can forget to take medications. We need to develop a system that reminds us to take medications.

These systems can be low-tech, such as a “Pill Box” with days marked out…for a week or two…to high-tech, such as “Smart Phone” or E-mail reminders. Newer reminders are containers that connect to the Internet and warn when it is time to take the medication inside.

Whatever your strategy, be sure to plan and follow through on taking your medication.

Also, keep records of improvements or side effects.

And be sure to call your Physician Assistant or health care provider if you notice side effects.

Your Physician Assistant listens to your issues, and take the time to view all areas of your lifestyle and personal medical experiences.

Take advantage of your Physician Assistant’s willingness to listen, and tell your entire story. Your health depends on your describing the whole picture of your state of health.

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