Exercise Fads

Exercise fads and exercise extremes seem to hold more motivation than results-producing real exercise programs. At least whild they waste their money on the book or rip-off equipment.

Whether the exercise program offers zero effort…such as belt-driven vibrator machines…or extreme effort…such as mega-Kardio-Kraze; these systems fail because we cannot, will not or should not continue using them.

People quit vibration systems after a short time when they notice no benefit…or worse…they gain weight.

People quit the extreme exercise regimens because they injure themselves. Injury is one of the best ways to stop exercising and gain body fat. (When you are laid up, all you have to do is watch TV and eat.)

So, look at the exercise fads…and be sure to check with your Physician Assistant or other health care provider before starting any exercise program.

And follow instructions when you are warned to avoid fads, extremes and won’t work systems. Walk instead.

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