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Roles of Physician Assistants

Physician Assistants serve in a wide variety of roles in health care and medicine.

The ability to specialize and work in any field…from Preventative Care to Surgery….makes the field rewarding…and challenging.

The ability to work with patients on a personal level by listening and building relationships adds to the value of the Physician Assistant on a medical team.

Physician Assistants can take the time to listen.

Physician Assistants can also work in Independent Private Practices, the ways that Norman Shectman, PA-C, does.

And most people cannot tell whether their health care provider is a MD, DO, PA. What is important is the quality care they receive…and the healthier…more fulfilled lives they live when they stay healthy, or return to health.

Debates about what medical degree your health care specialist earned prove far less important than the advice and support that you receive from your office visit.

Choose a Physician Assistant, like Norton Shectman, PA-C, if you appreciate an expert who will listen to your needs…and keep you as healthy as possible with a “Whole Person” approach to medical treatment.

Physician Assistants and Their Role in Health Care

A shortage of medical doctors and an aging population means that Physician Assistants are assuming increased roles in quality health care. in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma addressed this issue in a recent news interview.

Highly trained, highly qualified, competent are traits shared by medical doctors and Physician Assistants.

Both medical doctors and Physician Assistants assume responsibility for your health care.

But, Physician Assistants often have more time to talk to you. And, Physician Assistants often serve as your advocate for communicating with your medical doctor or surgeon.

Visit Physician Assistant; Norton Shectman, PA-C, to receive quality health care from someone that looks at your health care “Big Picture,” and who takes time to listen to you.

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