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Balance and Interdependence between Technology and Health Care

Technology and health care rise in our lives at a steep climb. And the two forces are merging.

The latest innovation in health care; both monitoring and delivering rapid, life-saving service is “Wearable Computing.”

No, this is not a push toward making us “Bionic Men and Women.” Rather, these advancements amount to making once difficult to gather health status data available and knowable. And, the more and quicker we know this personal health data, the faster our Physician Assistant or other health care provider can offer the correct diagnosis and tailor-make prescriptions for us.

And, with up-to-the-minute information, we can make informed decisions for ourselves.

The technology is available now, and better innovations will be available faster than we think.

Besides, wearable technology is perfect for targeting the three major killer…responsible for people dying before their time…

  • Smoking
  • Obesity and Lack of Exercise
  • Alcohol Abuse

The technology gives us real information about our behavior.

And the technology gives our Physician Assistant or other health care providers real information…objective and factual information about what is happening in our lives.

So, wearable sensing technology provides real information. Every year, these become…

  • Smaller
  • More capable
  • Less expensive
  • More required and less of a fad

How small?

Imagine sensors that you can swallow, and other sensors that can be placed under your skin. These are available now. These devices are not Science Fiction any more.

So, the technology is speeding down the horizon. So, we need to plan how we will use these devices to improve our health.

However, these wearable devices cannot replace your Physician Assistant or other health care provider, but these tools can increase the information that make informed decisions and more accurate prescription levels.

Look for a wearable technology device on an arm near you anytime now.

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