How to Remember to Take your Medicine

Your visit to your Physician Assistant or health care provider could mean prescriptions for medication, or the recommendation that you take “Over the Counter” medications.

Unless you follow this advice, and report improvements to your Physician Assistant, your health care dollars are wasted. Why visit a health care provider and ignore recommendations?

However, with busy lives, stress and distractions; we can forget to take medications. We need to develop a system that reminds us to take medications.

These systems can be low-tech, such as a “Pill Box” with days marked out…for a week or two…to high-tech, such as “Smart Phone” or E-mail reminders. Newer reminders are containers that connect to the Internet and warn when it is time to take the medication inside.

Whatever your strategy, be sure to plan and follow through on taking your medication.

Also, keep records of improvements or side effects.

And be sure to call your Physician Assistant or health care provider if you notice side effects.

Your Physician Assistant listens to your issues, and take the time to view all areas of your lifestyle and personal medical experiences.

Take advantage of your Physician Assistant’s willingness to listen, and tell your entire story. Your health depends on your describing the whole picture of your state of health.

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New School – Cell Phones, Watches Alert, Pill Bottle Cap Timers

Wireless Pill Bottles – High Tech Reminders to Take Meds

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The Dirt on Diet

Diets can be destructive, polarizing and draining.

Changing what you eat can leave you hungry, feeling deprived and frustrated.

And diets can lead to binge eating, craving more food…and eating more than you would if not on a diet.

If you need to loose weight to salvage your health, now is the time to overcome your reluctance and revulsion towards dieting.

Maybe call your diet something that is positive to you.

But do whatever you do to improve your eating habits in a gradual and controlled way.

Don’t go on an anti-Carb Diet, and stop eating bread, pasta and sweets forever. Such a strategy leads to sure failure.

And, don’t let all the diet claims confuse you.

Relevant dietary information is available.

But listen to your Physician Assistant and exercise while controlling calorie intake. Let your body tell you how to remain healthy.

Your welfare and health depend on you bringing your eating habits in line with what your body needs to thrive.

However there are benefits to reducing the number of carbohydrates in your diet. Restricting breads, pasta and sweets stops your body from generating so much fat…and keeps your body’s insulin levels even.

Periodic Carb Restriction Advice

Wheat the Unhealthy Grain

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Maintain a Positive Attitude about your Weight

Other people criticize you. Maybe insult you.

Other people talk about your weight behind your back.

But, you can maintain a positive attitude while you work with your Physician Assistant or health care professional to loose weight and maintain better health.

Your need to loose weight is about your health, but your mental attitude and support from others is important to keep you motivated.

Loosing weight required works and commitment. But you can do it.

Listen to your Physician Assistant. Your Physician Assistant will take the time to listen to you.

“I Hate Fat People”

“You’re Pretty…for a fat girl”

Self-Love and Body Confidence

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Roles of Physician Assistants

Physician Assistants serve in a wide variety of roles in health care and medicine.

The ability to specialize and work in any field…from Preventative Care to Surgery….makes the field rewarding…and challenging.

The ability to work with patients on a personal level by listening and building relationships adds to the value of the Physician Assistant on a medical team.

Physician Assistants can take the time to listen.

Physician Assistants can also work in Independent Private Practices, the ways that Norman Shectman, PA-C, does.

And most people cannot tell whether their health care provider is a MD, DO, PA. What is important is the quality care they receive…and the healthier…more fulfilled lives they live when they stay healthy, or return to health.

Debates about what medical degree your health care specialist earned prove far less important than the advice and support that you receive from your office visit.

Choose a Physician Assistant, like Norton Shectman, PA-C, if you appreciate an expert who will listen to your needs…and keep you as healthy as possible with a “Whole Person” approach to medical treatment.

Recover your Health by Getting Honest

Here is a message from Glennon Doyle Melton, author of “Carry on, Warrior,” a New York Times Bestseller.

Glennon Doyle Melton share the vulnerability and hurt that she overcame by accepting that life delivers pain, frustration and disappointment…as well as joy and happiness…sometimes on the same day.

Ms. Melton lived the life where emotions of pain and fear of love led to pretending not to need others… led to hiding her feelings.

But she asserts, “We are Truth Tellers.” We make our feelings and emotions known.

But, we act tough when we feel weak and we act confident when we feel scared.

We are vulnerable and our real answer to, “How are you?” is, “Actually, I’m not OK.”

But we don’t feel safe making that statement, so we hide in addictions.

Nervous energy and anxiety feelings get stuffed…with food, alcohol, drugs.

Glennon Doyle Melton shows us that some people wear their pain in their bodies as illness, disease.

The solution, our path to health? “Don’t withhold, don’t judge.”

Step into the sunshine of hope and its invitation to come out and have a life by accepting our lives as they really are.

Formula: Just do the next, right thing. Show up each day to face life.

Feel your feelings and share. Feelings can come…and we can accept them. Feelings go…and we thank them for the messages they carry.

We must honor our feelings as messages about what we need to accept. We need to listen to those messages, we need to become awkward, real human beings…able to exist with the pain and the joy. And it is all, OK.

But remember, the pain, loss, guilt and shame pile on top of you as you get better…while refusing to run away from yourself is the way to recover from your addictions and pain.

Check out Glennon Doyle Melton’s Websites…

Mom Mastery .Com and Monkee See Monkey Do .Org